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RSS Taelerdehaes

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1 point

Laptops are more of an enhancer than an intelligence booster. While they remain a useful tool, they are a privlege from the district. If IISD found them to be "cutting edge", I believe that we would have invested in programs other than a cheap way out such as Open Office. While I use my computer for researching and saving paper, these do not increase my intelligence. They make access to knowledge easier. Thus, retaining information is lessened.

1 point

As a member of the Campus Improvement Committee, where the idea of Academic Boot Camp was founded, I was at first a follower. I believe in second chances just as much as anybody else. When this idea was first introduced to me, I was told that this would be available for one six weeks only. Now, it is being offered for every six weeks. I was one of two students that tutored in this program; therefore, I can speak from a valid viewpoint. These kids are taking it for granted. Eight hours is not anywhere equivalent to six whole weeks of work. What kind of message is this sending to our students? With the new grading policy of Texas, kids are already able to make up quizzes and homework grades. So, if these kids are failing, it isn't a concept issue, it is a laziness issue. Now they can make up their average? Well, I would like to raise my grades a few more points in Calculus. Can I go to tutoring for eight hours? I don't think the faculty would appeal to that. The more chances we get now, the less likely kids will respect success. This will result in a failure rate in college. Grades are earned, not given.

1 point

Hmm, let's think about this situation. A fifteen year old girl gets raped by ten boys after a homecoming. While this awful "show" or production is occurring, ten other boys are enjoying their view. Of course those watching should be convicted. The bystanders are just as liable as those committing the crime, because they are keeping the crime in action. In this case, it was a simple right from wrong. This isn't a theft or a fight at school, this is something that has scared this child for life.

1 point

As a member of National Honor Society, I'm aware of how the selection process works. One must show devotion to their school and community. Whether students show this through elected positions, tutoring hours, or school involvements, these students are leaders. If a student fails to uphold their expected characteristics, NHS will suffer. This is an elite group of individuals that has dedicated to superior academics and a scholarly work ethic. This group works as a team. If one member fails to play by the rules, all members are pulled down as well.

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