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RSS Lauren

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1 point

I have enjoyed having a laptop at school because I can easily do my homework and play games or listen to music. However, the laptop has not increased my intelligence. The teachers who give me schoolwork on the computers are usually the lazy teachers who don't teach in class; They just give out computer work that doesn't make me use my brain. The teachers who actually teach and give me homework assignments, although their classes aren't the easiest, are the teachers who have increased my intelligence the most.

1 point

Students should have the opportunity to recover their grades by going to Academic Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is designed so that you have to go Mon-Thurs without missing a day and without being tardy in order to have the chance to make it up. Some students simply don't understand certain topics and with extra tutoring can pass the class. The ones who don't care and skipped the class probably will skip Boot Camp as well and will not have the opportunity to pass. Academic Boot Camp doesn't just give the students the grade. Rather, it empowers failing students to pass through hard work and gives them the chance to go to college.

1 point

I agree. Nobody is perfect. NHS is an honor society, not a society of perfect students, because that would be impossible.

However, if somebody makes the same mistakes over and over, they should be kicked out. Maybe NHS should have a system; One offense= warning, two offenses= suspension and three offenses= kicked out.

1 point

Although it is hard to punish someone for NOT doing something, there should be some sort of punishment for not reporting a crime. I don't know how anyone can watch a crime, especially something as horrible as rape, and not do anything about it. These people should be forced to tell police everything they saw and also pay a fine. The law that makes it illegal to not report a crime involving a child under 14 should not have an age limit. No matter the age of the victim, anyone who has any information should be held accountable. The fact that this act of violence went on for two hours blows my mind and makes me so sad that someone could just stand there and watch it without trying to get help.

1 point

NHS has set requirements for entrance. Not just anyone can get it, and it is an honor to be inducted. Therefore, it seems fair that once you get in, you are in for the rest of the year. Students who have been role models and leaders their entire life should not be kicked out of the organization for one mess-up.

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