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RSS Tyevose

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1 point

Who says taht these students have "failed to commit to the class"? If they are willing to put the extra 8 hours in for just a simple 70 they obviously they are willing to commit.

1 point

YES THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!! If you're not apart of the solution then you're apart of the problem.

1 point

I think students should be able to recover a failing grade. We all have atleast one subject in school that we just don't understand. No matter how hard we study for that subject we still don't get it and we do everything in our power just to simply "get by". For me, that subject was chemistry. No matter what I did I just didn't understand it. I was proud of myself if i was even able to pass with just a 70. I wanted to go to tutoring but I was scared to admit that I needed help. If a student is brave enough and willing to devote themselves to a subject for 8 extra hours on there own time just to be able to pass a class, then they should be allowed to go to tutoring to recover a failing grade.

1 point

I spoke to a police officer about a year ago and I asked him if he always wanted to be a police officer. He said that when he was a kid that he never could picture himself ever being one. Apparently when the officer was a teenager in highschool he was arrested for getting into some trouble with drugs. He could have been sent to jail but luckily the judge was lenient and only made him pay a fine. The police officer told me that the incident changed his life and that if he would never have been arrested then he never would have been a cop. His story made me realize that if someone has done something bad, they should be given the chance to show that they have learned from their mistakes. If an NHS student gets in trouble at school for the first time, then they should be given another chance and not be kicked out. But if they continue to get in trouble...........then yeah kick him out.

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