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RSS Samklose

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Laptops in school have not helped students achieve more or become any smarter. While the reasoning behind laptops in schools seems sound it is much less effective in practice. Most classes don't even use the laptops and on the occasion that they do it is not always more effective than using paper and other non-internet sources. In fact, laptops often serve as a distraction such that little to no work is actually being done. One of the main reasons laptops at schools is not so revolutionary and helpful is because most people have computers at home and access to similiar electronic resources. Laptops are a bigger distraction than they are a beneficial resource to learning.

1 point

Students should not be allowed to pass a six weeks by merely going to eight hours of tutoring. Responsibility lies with the students to make sure that they do all of their work correctly and on time. Instead of having tutoring as an option the students should have to talk to teachers in order to remediate grades through fixing their actual work. They should have to retake tests, turn in homework they never finished, and more in order to have the opportunity to pass. Tutoring in order to pass is the equivalent of saying that it was alright in order to fail in the first place. If a student fails a six weeks, they probably deserve it.

1 point

Bystanders of crimes who do nothing to help are just as responsible for the crime as the perpatrators themselves. By doing nothing, these people are helping the crime be commited and as such should be held accountable as accomplices to the crime. Inaction is one of the contributing factors to the success of crime and should be treated as a crime itself.

1 point

Members of NHS are those who have proven themselves to be exceptional students and overall people of a higher quality of character. As such, members should not be expected to cause any trouble in the school they are trying to help, but such cases should be handled on the nature and severity of that offense. A one time minor slip should not constitute immediate removal from the organization, but a major offense should have consequences but not necessarily something as severe as removal without exploring other methods.

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