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RSS Mohhoss213

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1 point

I believe success in school requires more guidance and wisdom than just classroom instruction. Are we really guiding them to the right path if we encourage to cram a whole six weeks worth of lessons in eight hours? This really takes away from the art of teaching to awaken the natural curiosty and interest of the young mind and instead create a monotonus tutoring sessions. Also, true intelligence is not measured by how much we know, but to reason and be able to think for ourselves with the knowledge we do have. The connotation associated with "Academic Boot Camp" makes it seem like a study session instead of allowing teachers to personally devise a plan that best fits the students needs.

1 point

In this age, computer skills are no longer an option in the job market. Laptops and/ or desktops are neccessary for classroom instruction regarding databases, spreadsheets, word processors and animation programs. In addition, online forums/clasrooms discussions, such as this one, offer a diffusion of ideas which can lead to some new piece of knowledge. Many new competitions now encourage a good understanding of computers. For example, DECA has competitions, like in software engineering or robotics which requires knowledge of algorithims and a generally strong background in math and science. So, lapotops can help develop intelligence in this new modern age and be the precursor to a many merits and awards.

1 point

Mmm...well I do not feel the brevity of the offense should determine whether a student should be removed from NHS. People will commit acts they are not proud of and deeply regret. However, a person with any wisdom has the ability to learn from the past and live for a better future. That is why I think needless reprimanding is unneccesary for NHS caliber students. As long as one lives up to his expectations, there is no need to be put on probation. Having to deal with mistakes and learning from them is the ultimate punishment.

1 point

Since I am very judicious, I will try and give thest guys some sympathy. So based on pure facts, a few students proceded to forcefully "be together" with another girl. Then, a few more students either joined in or were just spectators. This wasn't a hit and run, this was an event that lasted for 2.5 hours. Now, adultery is a sin in Christianity so their moral judgemened should've led them to call the police. But instead they looked on which in esscence makes them partially responsible. Now maybe counseling is also necessary along with jail time because they acted very proud of what they did, seriously hurt the girl and emotionally scarred her. So i'm sorry guys I couldn't give you any sympathy after using just logic.

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