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RSS Meganfarrar

Reward Points:4
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1 point

I don't think that laptops have helped development concerning my academics or intelligence. If anything, it has enabled me, except for google, because if I don't know something, I can google the answer to it. But then again, I do that more at home than at school. My school laptop is great, but I don't use it very often for school related purposes. I guess that computers as a whole have increased my intelligence, but the school laptops alone have not.

1 point

Students ought to have an opportunity to improve their grades if failing a class, even if it’s gained by staying a couple of hours after school, particularly since the 4x4 plan was mandated. Conversely, I believe that these students should be allotted a maximum of two chances to recover their grades.

1 point

I feel that bystanders of crimes are just as liable as the perpetrator, if they do not speak against an offense. If an unmoral occurrence takes place against myself, I would blame those witnesses just as blameworthy as the wrongdoer; I inquire others to respond to an equivalent condition, and I honestly think all would answer they would hold spectators responsible, as well; this is common sense. Furthermore, individuals who conflict this statement are perhaps accountable of an analogous transgression, in which they have witnessed misconduct, but failed to give testimony to what they saw.

1 point

I believe that if a member of National Honor Society is caught acting against the four pillars in which National Honor Society is originated on, they ought to be removed from the society. These students fall short of the regulations that the organization sets, which are mandatory for all members to follow; if they are permitted to remain in the organization, our reputable standing will lower as a result.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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