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RSS Jelicajam

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1 point

well thanks for the concerning words DAYTON MILLER!! ...........

1 point

lol what????? you are so special! this is invalid to the question. lol

1 point

You should only listen to your parents if you truly believe that what they're saying is true. It really depends on the parents and the kid. For me i wouldn't believe my parents because im mature enough to know the right guy from the wrong and they will mostly judge according to how they look or dress.

1 point

Having this labtop to use on a daily basis doesn't immediately improve the intelligence of a person. Just because the labtop is carried and used in certain classes doesn't mean that when given the opportunity students go to academic sites. I know when i get home i'm either on myspace, facebook, or doing college applications. Last year at my different school, we didn't have labtops to give to the students and i don't feel any smarter now that I have one.

1 point

Yes 17 years olds should watch R movies in school because they can watch them at a real theater. It shouldn't make a difference whether we're in school or not. The movie should be class related though.

1 point

Majority of students that fail a class, fail because they don't do their work. Being able to recover a failing grade should not be alllowed. It's unfair to the students that do work hard to get a passing grade. Even the students that have difficulty understanding the class shouldn't be able to recover credit. If you are a hard working student that turns in all work and attends tutorials, your teacher will more than likely not fail you.

1 point

I think that witnessing a crime should be illegal for any crime of any age. It doesn't make alot of sense to sit there and watch people get murdered or raped or whatever the case might be. People who decide its cool to watch someone else do evil should definetly be held accountable for not notifying officials and getting the issue taken care of.

1 point

I think that NHS students have been chosen for the very reason that they make very few mistakes and do what's necessary to be a leader and good student. Even the greatest of leaders make mistakes. I think kicking a student out would be the most ridiculous punishment considering that the student worked so hard to get into the program to start with. Maybe a little probabtion would be sufficient. Then if the trouble making continues then be kicked out.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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