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RSS Ivoryjames

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1 point

i have to disagree with you Ms. Farrar [ha, dont take it personal though]. lets look at numbers:

one class period is an hour (rounding up).

your in class 5 days a week. so for 1 six weeks, you have attended class for... 30 hours evry six weeks.

with this 'academic boot camp' you in tutoring for EIGHT hours, and your given the chance to redeem credit for that class.

hm, do you think they are going to offer 'boot camps' in college? do you think in the 'real world' people will be given a second chance just because they failed on their first? how do you think those people who worked their butts off and still only made a 70 feel when people who slacked of can go to tutoring for a few days and make the same grade? if we get students accustomed to this type of learning, they will stop trying and always rely on those second chances. if obama just happened to fail as a president this year, do you think he deserves a chance to serve another term? [you seen what happened when we re-elected bush!!]

1 point

[wow,i just watched and read so much about this and my heart goes out to the girl]

okay, i believe there is a law that if you watch some one get murdered and you dont report it to the police, you can still be arrested as an associate of the crime or something like that [law && order!]. so if you watch a 15 year old get raped, no matter if she was drunk, high, or unconscious, you should still report it to the police. i dont know about those people, but i couldnt sit to watch to seconds of something like that, let alone live knowing that a girls life could be ruined and i didnt do anything to prevent that from happening. to me, watching a crime and not reporting it and committing a crime both should result in some sort of punishment. [and now im afraid to go to any dance, thanks alot america!]

1 point

hm, it really depends on what they do and how severe the 'crime' is. someone can get a detention for tardies, however this doesn't mean they should be removed from the organization. (i mean really, 4 minutes to make it to class is nearly impossible for some no matter how hard you run). and then you have students that, lets say gets in trouble a few times for disruptive behavior. in that case, a student should be removed from NHS. it all boils down to the severity and frequency of the act committed.

[and i really hope you aren't grading our grammer and typing skills ms. sangalli!!]

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