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RSS Haleyharris

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1 point

You should always take your parents' advice into consideration because they have been through many relationships and heartbreaks etc. Usually what they say isn't what you want to hear, but always listen and take it in. Even if you don't listen to it, just hear them out.

1 point

Deborah you said it all!

I think these laptops are an easy way out and very distracting. I don't even bring mine to school anymore because I know I'll end up on skype. The laptops are very expensive and so many kids abuse them, I think they are wasteful for our district.

1 point

Of course we should be able to watch R-rated movies in school. The reason movies are rated R is because of the content in the movie which can be said as innapropriate. But I'm pretty sure everyone hears cuss words all around our school, and a lot of kids are involved in "sexual" activity. It's just a matter of the maturity level in the classrooms you're showing the movie in.

1 point

It doesn't matter what your involved in, let's be honest, 50% of the kids that show up at our school could care less. The only reason our school is having this "academic boot camp" is because they don't want a high failing rate for our school. They shouldn't even try to help the kids who don't give a crap, but the administrators are worried because they may look bad which could affect their six figure salary. If kids don't do their work and put the effort in they deserve to fail and have to retake the whole grade over again. Most of them will end up dropping out anyways.

1 point

I realize the importance of National Honor Society and all of it's rules. But we are teenagers, and everyone does make mistakes, whether you like it or not. Even the best of us fall down sometimes, and people usually deserve a second chance. But it does depend on the type of trouble they get in to. If they keep getting into trouble after being warned once, then yes they should be removed from the organization. But one mistake should not penalize their membership, because if they have made it this far in NHS, they certainly deserve to be in it. Everybody makes mistakes, they just need to learn from them.

1 point

I believe if someone witnesses a crime they should automatically contact the police. Even if it isn't the "law", it's common sense and the right thing to do. It's different if the people witnessing the crime have some involvement in it and don't want to get in to trouble, so they don't tell the police because they have something to hide. But if they are just bystanders then they have every right to tell the police, if they were the one getting raped they would want someone to help them.They should be held just as accountable as the people committing the crime.

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