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RSS Diane

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1 point

Yes it has. It makes class run smoother and its not as much paper. Even though it can also hinder you by sidetracking you from the task at hand. For me personally I have no time to get sidetrack. Its like a database of information always at hand. If you don't understand a topic just get on the computer and look up information. Its a helpful assest to school in general.

1 point

All of yall are psycho. Yall write these super long paragraphs geez! Anyways I am borderline on yes and no. Basically i'm undecided. Everyone has another life outside of school. And with another life comes another set of problems, and some students have more severe problems than others.Some kids genuinley need this opportunity. As for the slackers that are manipulating the system, they do not deserve this opportunity. So its all based on the individual.

1 point

Yes, if its putting someone's life or property in danger then bystanders should be held accountable. When a young girl is being raped does know one feel the urge to help her. To show some kind of compassion to this girl that will forever be scared for life. I am disgusted that no one stepped forward earlier.

1 point

No I don't believe they should. Especially if its a small misdemeanor. NHS is a group of outstanding individuals both in character and academics. But I do not believe this calls for perfection. Students will get in trouble on rare occasions thats just the way things will occur. We're all perfectly imperfect human beings.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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