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RSS Deborahkim29

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1 point

Laptops have not helped me increase my intelligence and academic achievements. The school laptop distracts me during school, after school, and at home. I listen to music instead of doing homework, and I log on to my facebook account instead of doing college applications. I know that these laptops can be beneficial, but they are more of a distraction.

1 point

If you're so against academic boot camp, why do you even bother volunteering? Are you just doing it for community service hours?

I personally think academic boot camp is awesome. I mean, we're helping other students succeed and become motivated. What's better than helping change a life?

1 point

I support the boot camp program because it gives slower students a second chance at boosting their grades. The AP/GT students who are disagreeing with me should not lower their standards to those of the Regular kids (like Prithvi). Prithvi, you should not be so narrowminded. The kids who are attending boot camp have the opportunity to bump up their grade to a maximum of 70, and I'm sure that most people do not find that grade very appealing. You, on the other hand, want all A's. Therefore, quit lowering your standards. It's not like they are going to lower your rank.

0 points


I think half of those people who said yes should get kicked out of NHS for being hypocrites!

1 point

All teenagers stumble once in a while in their lives, and I believe that they should be given a second chance. The adage, "It's not about how hard you fall; it's how you get back up," pertains to everybody.

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

However, the number of mistakes should be limited. If a student continues to repeatedly do the same offense, they should definitely be kicked out of NHS. But, I believe that everyone in NHS will always learn from their first mistake that they have made while participating in the organization, and I believe that each and every one of them will grow into more judicious and wise adults from the lessons that they have learned.

1 point

The disgusting and lecherous people who watched the young girl get raped are absolutely insane. The onlookers should be charged with similar crimes as those of the criminals; after all, they were technically enjoying their view of what was happening.

All people who watch crimes should be held accountable to some degree. If cowards continue to watch crimes happen around their society, they become used to what they see, and it becomes a habitual trait. Therefore, people should be held accountable for watching crimes so that society will not become ccorrupt in enjoying the sufferings of others.

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