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RSS Corhouser

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1 point

No, laptops are merely distractions in the classroom. They are windows to games and blog spots such as myspace and facebook, to be honest who wants to pay attention when they can chat with their friends? However there are some benefits to laptops, though they are marginal. My main concern is that laptops allow the use of less paper, this is more environmentally friendly. Also, it is very convinent to be able to have access to the internet right in your backpack. Beside that I don't believe that it has in any way advanced me academically, with most students you will either put in the effort to educate yourself or you won't, having or not having a laptop won't change that.

1 point

While allowing students to remediate would boost the amount of kids that become ellible for graduation attending tutoring for 8 hours in no way makes up for a six weeks. Of course administrators will want to up the amount of graduating kids to obtain a better rating but they should be promoting harder work in the classroom. This method will only allow kids to continue to slack off and procrastinate on donig any form of work. The administrators should understand that to obtain a higher school ranking you need to set higher standards. This is done through higher standards in classes.

1 point

Students who are members of NHS have shown themselves to be academic leaders at the campus. They are some of the hardest worked students at school and are all around good kids and as such I feel that they should be given a second chance. Members of NHS are often involved in other activites around school and are burdened with many responsibilities, with all this stress I feel that they should be cut some slack every once and a while. This doesn't mean that I condone misconduct I just feel that being kicked out is harsh and that they should perhaps be put on probabtion instead.

1 point

In this situation the bystanders should have had some morals or at least some pity for the girl. Maybe this just seems obvious to me but I feel that you should have a sense of responsibility to report a crime if you witness one. Therefore I feel that bystanders are just as accountable as those committing the crime. In any case there's usually nothing to gain by just simply standing and watching a crime being committed so there isn't any reason why you shouldn't report it.

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