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RSS Cherylc

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No, I do believe laptops in school have in any way increased or ameliorated intelligence or academic achievement. In-class laptop use may be regulated as some websites are restricted, but students have a propensity for finding ways around the system. When a class is given an assignment, I rarely see students actually partake in research or programs that are relevant to the class. Mostly, these students are browsing Facebook, playing games, etc. Before laptops, students had few options which would often force them to pay attention and be studious. Nowadays, that practice has diminished with the use of school laptops.

1 point

I do not believe students should be given a chance to recover a failing grade by merely attending tutoring and passing a test. Those who do not care to try do not care to pass. These students should not be "babied" through efforts of administrators and teachers to further their education, rather, they should do it on their own. People make mistakes, but should learn from them. This program simplifies the traditional process and gives failing students the impression of facility, which will not apply to anything in the real world. If a student does not understand a subject, then he must take initiative to gain the knowledge he needs by attending tutoring, conducting a study group, etc. In some cases, the failing grade isn't due to a lack of care or effort; it could be the result a difficult circumstance that devoured the student's attention. However, there are numerous students in AP classes who have encountered grueling situations, yet maintained their "A" averages. If they can do it, then why can't others? If a student fails a class, then he must take the conventional route of retaking the class. This is the only way he will learn from his mistakes and better himself for the future.

1 point

Yes, yes, and yes. There is absolutely no justification in keeping silent if one is witness to a crime, especially if another's life is in jeopardy. In the case of Kitty Genovese, a young woman who was assaulted in the back alley of her apartment as bystanders, her neighbors, did nothing in response to consistent screams just a few feet below, the outcome was not as favorable, for she lost her life. This young 15-year-old did not lose her life, but has probably lost confidence, trust, and her sense of security. She is has experienced what no person should- experiences that could have been evaded if just one witness had called the police.

1 point

Given, the National Honor Society stands for the four principles of Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service and its members do not include the average student. However, perfection cannot be expected. Regardless of how mature, intelligent, well-mannered, and seemingly flawless the NHS members are, teens will be teens and mistakes will be made. Although, there are some acts that are well beyond the typical misbehavior, and those who commit these wrongs should be punished.

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