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RSS Caitlin

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1 point

I've thought this one over, going back on forth on my decision until finally deciding that yes, students should have the chance to recover a failing grade by attending tutoring for 8 hours. I think we are being entirely too one sided in this debate, arguing that most of the students who are going to the Academic Boot Camp are going because they are lazy. There are, however, cases of students just not understanding the material. There is no way to go on a case by case basis on this, we as students, teachers, and administrators are by no means able to judge if someone failed because they are lazy or because they honestly did not understand the material. Also, Boot Camp is all some students have. This is the only way they will be able to receive a diploma, and everyone deserves that opportunity. Without at least a high school diploma there is hardly any way to be successful and live a happy life. We can't take that chance away from them as well.

1 point

No, I do not believe that laptops in school have increased my intelligence and academic achievement. Laptops are definitely a valuable resource and are great tools for many things, but I do not believe that students should have laptops at school. In my experience, most teachers use laptops to escape from teaching. The Epic program, for example. I can literally say that I have learned little to nothing from Government this year, simple because my teacher more or less has no reason to teach because it is all online. Anyways, half of the time people aren't even doing their work on their laptops. I believe that computers have great advantages and benefits and are great tools, but also that they do not belong out of a computer lab in schools.

1 point

Although it isn't technically the law in the state, I am morally compelled to answer yes to this question. Of course I believe that the bystanders who did nothing, and even joined in, are just as guilty as the people who raped this poor girl. In fact, one could argue that by not reporting the gang rape to the police, the witnesses were aiding the rapists. However, what will happen in this case is based entirely on the court's and jury's interpretations of the law.

1 point

I agree with most of the people who have posted so far. Removal from NHS should depend entirely on the severity of the offense. There are extreme cases, where a student does something incredibly destructive and deserves to be kicked out, and there are others where it is something minor and it can be handeled by other means.

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