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1 point

I don't think it has increased my intelligence, but more like just aided me for research and essays. Honestly, I think most of the time most students just use the laptop as a game consol or to access internet websites. So in a way it made us more lazy rather than actually help us academically. Overall the laptops just ease the work for us not necessarily help into gaining more knowledge.

1 point

Yes, I believe students should be given a chance to recover a failing grade. It's not really whether it's fair to other students, but a matter if the individual gains the knowledge to survive later on the real world. What the real value is what amount of knowledge is it doesn't matter if it's in 8 hours or in 180 days. I won't deny that this irritates me that some take advantage of this option, but complaining about this is also laziness. In a way those who succeed the courses in the original planned time are the ones with the upper hand, we have more time to absorb more information than those who only spent 8 hours.

1 point

Of course they should be punished! Those who dare to just stand and watch are just as wrong as the ones committing the crime at the very least. One might argue that the perpetrators might come back for revenge for reporting someone and therefore by not reporting they are protecting themselves, but to me guilt is worst that anything those barbarians could do. "Do to others as you would like done unto to you...", I am pretty sure no one would like to find themselves being attacked and nobody coming to their aid especially if they are watching.

1 point

There are several variables to be taken into consideration when penalizing a member of an exemplary organization such as National Honors Society. The members of NHS not only represent MacArthur High School to other organizations, but they are also the ones other students look up to or at the very least respect. So if a NHS members falls by stepping out of the line he or she must be punished to serve as an example to all students. Rules are input for a certain reason and must be followed.

But at the same time, I think what is a leadership without compassion and forgiveness? As I previously said, there are several things to considerate before giving a verdict. Even if they are part of NHS, none of the less they are still human and it's natural to make mistakes. I think in the case that was discussed during class, it is harsh to kick out those members considering what happened. Just as long as they learn from their mistakes and commit to atone their mistakes it will become a valuable experience. After all we can't learn everything by just being successful. Another big thing to consider is the hard work they had to do in order to succeed into getting into NHS. Yes wrong misdeeds should be punished accordingly, but I don't think it is the adequate decision to shatter one's dreams due to one incident.

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