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RSS OscarCastro

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1 point

Laptops do have the potential to increase your intelligence because of the endless amounts of information available when online. In addition, they do make assignments having to do with research a lot easier as well as essays. Laptops have also made learning in the classroom a lot more efficient through powerpoints and being able to download those powerpoints as well as notes whenever you desire them. Plus, a person can have the classroom experience online due to laptops. Lastly, for the people who said "No", what you do with a laptop is your choice, if you chose to study then you will increase your intelligence; if you chose to get on Facebook then you won't. The laptop is basically a tool and you cannot criticize it for the choices that you made.

1 point

Students should not be given an opportunity like this if they are failing a class because they showed no effort to improve their grades on their own. A program like this contradicts how classes are run because a student can choose to slack off and wait until it is time to recover then pass. Students are responsible and expected to attend class and complete their assignments and if a student decides not to do any school work what so ever, it reflects how much he actually cares. Teachers cannot help those who don't help themselves, so if the student does not care, he does not deserve to be assisted.

1 point

Of course they should, because the witnesses had a chance to stop the crime from continuing. From what I know, those witnesses were not threatened nor did they have anything to risk if they chose to report the criminals. The witnesses have no excuse for their actions, and I wonder if they feel any guilt knowing that they let a 15 year old girl go through that. As a result, the perpetrators and witness included, should be punished and serve time in prison. Nothing that the witnesses say or do now, will ever heal her wounds.

1 point

The National Honor Society is known not only for academic achievements, but for character. For a member to violate that standard and perform such a act, like theft for example, should be kicked without question. The reason being is that the member disrespected what the National Honor Society stands for and if people outside NHS found out, they would think that NHS lacks credibility and just allows any deliquent to join. NHS members are role models and should not promote any misbehavior, especially one of such severity. Therefore, that student should be used as an example and deserves to be kicked.

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