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1 point

To be able to have any type of computer is a privilege that many do not appreciate because in many other places people do not have the resource to have computers. Because of the opportunity to have computers students have the ability to learn from mainly the Internet resources. When students have questions during homework their able to get answers with the help of the computers, also students can use computers as a form communication between teachers, students and classmates.

1 point

Students who have fail have not being able to pass their class for varies reasons and this reasons are the cause that prevents them from passing and understand the class' concept. If the students are willing to put the extra time to work at their weakest area without being forced then they will show their true determination. Because people who decide to go on their own show that they really want to be there to improve their grades. For this students they have an option to be there or not to be there. Finally, in conclusion students who care will show up and earn their new passing grade.

1 point

Crimes have to be proven to have the guilty people pay for their mistakes and if people can help by identifying the guilty party or can tell what really happen in the crime than they should speak up and say what happened. It is people's responsibility to help keep the world a better place and if people do not do their part to help the world be a save place from does who hurt it than people should be held accountable. If people do not speak up for does who can't, they should be punish because they should realize this could happened to them and they would want does responsible to pay and not let them go; they would want the witnesses to speak.

1 point

Since NHS is an organization build on the characteristics of role models, members should have the characteristics required to be part of the organization, because this members represent NHS. If a student gets in trouble they should be responsible to obtain the consequences of their actions and they should have an opportunity to show their maturity by accepting the punishment. NHS should have guidelines regarding misrepresentation of the organization which will put members under close watch of the NHS Sponsors.

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