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1 point

Having the access to technology in the classroom has definantly increased our academic achievement, especially now that every student has a laptop so no waiting in line for a public console. Would we have been able to do our multi-genre research paper efficiantly without laptops? Perhaps we would have been fine using books, but some people are unable to find transportation to the library or find enough resources. I'm going to throw out the possibility that maybe those siding with "No" all have internet at home? I know for many research papers and even essays that I've used a word processer like Word or online databases, and that even without the laptop I would have to use technology at some point to aid in my work.

Of course, students will use the laptops for thier own fun at times, but the benefits of the classroom, such as online class discussions, e-mailing of assignments, endless resources and keeping up with the technologically advancing age we live in, cannot be ignored and taken for granted.

1 point

Absolutely not. If a student honestly has tried to pass the course and doesn't understand it, it is impossible for a student to learn all of the curriculum made for 30 hours in 8. If this is allowed, why not have all students have a 2 week period to complete their work instead of the 6 weeks? It's an excuse for students who are on the verge of passing to quit in the last few days because they know they can get a second chance. If students have trouble in an area, they need to go in for tutoring when they need help. Tye, there's always the fear of going and asking for help, but it's a life skill necessary in the work place to gain courage to know when and how to ask for help.

I do agree that if this has to occur, I agree with Megan that it should be limited to twice a year, probably only once a semester. However, seeing that this isn't the case and this program is made to be repeated every six weeks, there's no purpose in trying in class and I have to disagree with the statement.

1 point

As members of National Honor Society, students are expected to live up to high standards and not only excel in academics and extracurricular activities, but to remain leaders in the school. The term "trouble" can be very ambiguous, even if clarified as "little" or "a lot." Standards should be written in stone in a prestigious organization such as NHS without allowing the rules to be bent for certain individuals. No member should be above the law, for even the President is consitered a citizen in the United States.

1 point

Absolutely! What makes them different from a lookout of a high-stakes robbery? A witness committing perjury in a court of law? These people are willingly withholding information needed to hold a fair and true decision once arrests have been made.

As related to the gang rape case, this is equally a case of child pornogophy. People caught in possession of it or who watch it are not only shunned from society, but arrested. Is watching a 15 year old girl live different than pictures which could have been taken on cell phones at the location?

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