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RSS DaniaK

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The world is being sorrounded by the advances in technology every day. As technology keeps growing it will be included more and more in our lifes. In our school we use them in all of our classes to do much of our work. We do learn many things from our laptops as we use them as one of our main resource to get the information we need. We also learn many strategies and tricks from using our laptops. We can create many outstanding things like designs for anything we want by just using the programs we are provided with.

1 point

Students go to school to learn and to get a better education. They need to do well inorder to be successful in life. When students struggle in a subject and they do not well it can really hurt them. Now that they have an opportunity to improve their grade they can get back on track. School can be hard for many students and when they are given a second chance then that can make them see that they can still be someone great in life.

1 point

Everyone knows right from wrong. If anyone witnesses a crime they should do something immediately and call the authorities. When someone is in trouble and they need help you always lend them a hand. If a crime is witness and not reported the people watching should be charged with the same punishment. They new that is was happening and they did nothing to stop it. They are just as guilty or even worst since they could have done something to help the victim.

1 point

The students selected to be a part of the National Honor Society are a selective ones. They are seen as students who try and excel in everything they do. To many other students, they are the people to follow and admire since they are always helping in the comminity. What people need to understand is that they are human just like everyone else and they are not perfect. This students have many responsibilities to take care of and they can be overwhelmed sometimes. If they make a mistake they should be given a second chance because everyone deserves one. They should have thought better about the consequences but nothing can be change now. They just need to try and correct their mistake.

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