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RSS Amandat414

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1 point

Students should have the chance to recover a failing grade because it will help students now and in the future.There is always a reason why a student failed and it is not always that they did not try their hardest it could be that they did not understand the material being taught or could learn at a diffrerent rate. With this program students will be able relearn the material and having a better understanding of what was taught will help them in the class they are struggling in.

1 point

The point of being in the National Honor Society is that you have shown to others around you that you have demonstrated a certain quality that needs to be reconized. I belive that if a member of NHS does not follow what NHS is founded on should be punished but not kicked out becouse one action does not take away from all their past actions.

1 point

As a avid sienfeld fan this reminds me of the last sienfeld episode were Sienfled and his three other friends are sent to jail because they watch as someone is getting mugged and show a record of not caring for the wel-fare of others.Although this is fiction this scenrio rings true If people are not presucuted for not helping those in danger they will repeatedly do it, and the next crime they witness could be worse than the previous one.

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