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RSS Adrian

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Laptops are an excellent utility to complete research or a project. However, while they facilitate productivity, our laptop’s use is limited to being just that: a tool. Computers’ ease of access to information and ability to arrange that information rapidly is undeniably invaluable, but to say they are intelligence-boosters would be a misnomer. Like the others have said, oftentimes I find them to be a distraction.

1 point

While I support the idea that students willing to commit their time for a second chance should be given the opportunity, I disagree with the current system’s duration. If content mastery was that unachievable in the first place, it should take longer than eight hours to acquire the skills needed to pass the course. There is an absolute need to extend the required sit-in time and limit the convenience of the program to a maximum of two grading periods so that there is actual incentive for effort on the first attempt, as currently the brevity only serves as express lane that gets failing students out of the school quicker. This digresses from the program’s original purpose: to ensure that students have learned something.

1 point

To witness such an act, withhold its existence, and have a clear conscience is an ability that amazes me. I can understand reluctance to bring notice, but ultimately justice is being trampled on if injustices are never reported. By standing there, staring off, and doing nothing, "innocent" bystanders become accomplices and impediments to proper action.

1 point

Deviating from the foundations of NHS not only shows disrespect for your membership, it also undermines the authority and credibility of the rest of the organization. Sure, minor incidents can be met with appropriate reprimands, but larger offenses should be met head-on with firmer consequences. One major misstep sets the stage for another, so it is paramount that infractions be nipped in the bud. If we become lenient on our jurisdiction, what message does that imply to those outside?

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