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(7th per Media Lit) Should 17 year olds be allowed to watch rated R movies at sc

Seventeen year olds can watch a rated R movie at the mall, but are not supposed to at school. Should they be allowed? What if they are in a class with underclassmen? If they do watch them at school, what kind of movies should they be? What would parents say and think?

Write at least 70 words and think outside the box... even though you have to type in a box.  :)


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I believe that student who are in high school should be allowed to watch Rated R movies but only with the consent of their parents should they be allowed to watch the movie. If most of the students parents have said no then the movie should be taken from a R rated to PG-13 rating. Their shouldn't be a problem because if the parents have signed yes then that means that they understand that their child is going to be watching a rated R movie.

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Those of us who are in high school in today's time have either seen close to or worse than a rated R movie, while the school board would disagree people need to be ready for what they are going to be exposed to when we graduate high school. There are some movies that shouldnt be watched at school and there are some movies that can be allowed to watch at school if they are of age and as long as no one is punished for viewing the movie to begin with.

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i think they should be allowed to watch these movies because the teachers want to show us these movies for educational purposes and alot of times lower rated movies dont get the point through. i think that if a parent allows a student to watch this it should be allowed in school. the only down side to this is that lowerclassmen tend to act imature when there are certain scense shown.

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I do think that high school students should be allowed to watch rated R movies because most 17 year olds already know about strong profanity, graphic sexuality, nudity, strong violence, horror, gore, and strong drug use.

Another reason i think 17 year olds should be able to watch rated R movies is because even if their parents say they can't watch rated R movies they are still going to watch them.

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I think yes because everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want and if a parents lets them, more power to them(:

I just think that if you can see it out of school, why not watch it in school.. well then again it's just my opinion! Hollaaa(:

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