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(2nd per Media Lit) Should 17 year olds be allowed to watch rated R movies in school?

Even though seventeen year olds are able to see a rated R movie at the mall, they are not allowed to watch them at school. Should they be allowed?


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I believe we should be able to because we watch rated R movies at our house. i believe as long as the parents and the students are okay with it. It shouldnt be a problem

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I do think 17 year olds should be allowed to watch rated R movies at school. It is leagal for them to watch R movies outside of school, so it's not fair that we are not able to watch them for an educational reason.

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Yes they should be able to. We can watch them outside of school, so we should be able to watch them inside too.

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17 years watch rated r movies outside of school , if they watch them outside why not in school also.

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yea i mean we watch rated R movies outside of school so whats the big problem of us watching it in school

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If we can watch them at the mall. We should be able to watch them at school also.

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The reason I support this is because at the age of 17 kids are usually exposed to what we say is"R" through out their lives. Either being through the internet or flipping through the channels. It depends on what your view is as a person and what your beliefs and lifestyle is if you watch R rated movies.

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The law states that only 18 years olds are allowed. Now if we bend the law just for this, imagine what else we would been the rules for?

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