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You should listen to your parents 50% of the time about your own relationship. Parents kinow what's best for you because they have experienced,know more or just know whats best for you. In the view of your own eyes it seems like you should only listen to yourself 100% of the time. It's your own relationship and I think you should feel free to love or like whoever your want for who that person is and what the stand for as a person/believe. Your parents can give you advise or their opinions but its up to you on weather or not you agree with what they are saying or follow through.

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The reason I support this is because at the age of 17 kids are usually exposed to what we say is"R" through out their lives. Either being through the internet or flipping through the channels. It depends on what your view is as a person and what your beliefs and lifestyle is if you watch R rated movies.

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